Thursday, August 22, 2013

Prince Georges County – Taste Prince George's Food and Wine Festival - Entrepreneurs Can Rent A Food Truck

Subject: Prince George’s County – Taste Prince George's Food and Wine Festival - Entrepreneurs Can Rent A Food Truck

I was just on Twitter looking at tweets about the Taste Prince George’s Food and Wine Festival (@TastePG on Twitter) which is happening Saturday September 7, 2013 at Six Flags America from 12 pm – 7 pm. The tickets, which are on sale NOW, are $25 and include admission to the park and parking.

Mobile Food Trucks for Grand Openings Nationwide

This is a chance for all the students going through the Prince George’s Community College Culinary Arts Program, creative cooks at home, creative cooks for friends and relatives, and potential chefs working under a master chef to strike out on their own and wow the residents of Prince George’s County and the tourists that will be coming to this event. Let’s give them something good to talk about! I hope Denise Ware, of the Culinary Arts Program at Prince George’s Community College makes her students aware of this event and motivates them to unleash their culinary skills on the attendees.

Link to Council Member Derrick Davis Talking About Taste Prince George’s Food and Wine Festival on Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live:

If you don’t have a food truck that you can burn in, rent one. Someone posted a tweet which is a link to a company that rents food trucks. The company is called If you need a truck, check out the story on the company and then check out the website. 

On another note, this foodie festival will feature Prince George’s County wines front and center. Hallelujah! Residents of the County that look at me crazy when I say there are vineyards and wineries in Prince George’s County will be able to judge for themselves how good the wine tastes. Wineries such as Romano’s Vineyard and Winery will allow mass exposure to residents of the County and more importantly tourists. Tourists will see that Prince George’s County has more going on than a professional football game 1 day out of the week when the team plays at FedEx Field. Prince George’s County offers plenty to do and is a great weekend trip away. By the way, I hope someone invited one of Prince George’s County’s Favorite Daughters, Kathie Lee Gifford to the Taste Prince George’s Food and Wine Festival.

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